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Student Work Samples


"The New Kid"
by Mercedes
     If a new student comes to the class, I'll treat him with respect and be kind so he/she will know I'm a nice person.  Then I'll tell him my name.  I will show him to recess, lunch, and our line.
     I'll make him feel welcome, by respecting him and being kind.  I'll be a polite student.  I'll tell him about prep.  I'll tell him the important things he needs to know.  I'll be a strong person for him.  I'll play with him at a special time.  I'll be a helpful, considerate person.
     I'll plan to make him feel welcome by acting as if he is a part of a beautiful class.  I will share my supplies with him.  Then, he'll really be a part of the class of 209.  I hope he will be a beautiful person.
"Showing the New Classmate Around"
by Isaiah
     I would make our new classmate feel welcome by showing him places.  I would show him first his classroom.  Let him meet all of his classmates, so he doesn't feel really new.  After I've shown him his room, I'll show him the main office, then I'll tell him "if you fight or anything else,  or if you're hurt, you'll come to the main office."  I think then he'll know not to fight.
     Another part I could show our new classmate is the lunchroom.  It is where we eat.  As we past by to get our lunch, I'll show the new classmate the lunch ladies.  The new classmate can sit and get to know people better.  After we have eaten and everyone's finished, I'll show him the recess yard.  I think he can take it from there.

Student Work to come...